Wadhurst Parish Church

Who’s Who


Rev Dr Paul Ratcliff

Church Warden

Christine Bithell

Pastoral Assistant for Families

Mrs Hollie Butler

Mobile: 07921539856

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Grid 78:4

Andrew Justice

Justice and his wife Anita run Grid 78:4, Wadhurst Church’s youth group for 11-18 year olds.

Grid 78:4 gets together on a Saturday evening from 6-7.30 during term times for games, chat, hot chocolate, socials and a chance to explore the Christian faith

To find out more or get in touch please contact Anita or Justice on 01892 783332 or e-mail grid784@gmail.com

Grid 78:4

Anita Justice

Prayer Co-ordinator

Claire Lonsdale


Richard Lonsdale

Parish Safeguarding Officer

Vanessa Sharman

01892 785850

Email Vanessa

Email: vjcw@btinternet.com


Mrs Jean Sermon