Wadhurst Parish Church

J Club

J Club takes place on Tuesdays from 3.45 – 5 pm in Wadhurst Church. There are snacks, games, Bible stories, craft and we always have a great time.
Follow this link to the online registration form or pick up a paper form in church with our display, or ask for a form at the school office.  Paper forms can be posted into Carillon Cottage on the high street.  If we have your form before the Tuesday of J Club, you can join the walking bus from Wadhurst Primary; parents/carers can collect children from the church at 5pm.

The first J Club of the school year will be Tues 24th Sept. This term we will be exploring characteristics of Jesus ‘The fruit of the spirit’ -which you can find in the New Testament part of the Bible, in the book called Galatians, chapter 5 verses 22-23.

The apostle Paul writes about how we should be growing up spiritually, but this growth is gradual and in seasons, like fruit growing on a tree.  There will be a resident tree in church this term, especially for J Club, courtesy of one of our church patrons.  Each week we will explore a few of the characteristics of Jesus in fun and craft filled ways and add our creations to the tree.

For more information please contact:

Hollie_familiesworkerWadhurstChurch@outlook.com Tel: 07921539856